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de website voor (a.s.) ouders, zwangeren en kleine kinderen
Eten voor je kind
"The Wonderful Soup “ (Shel Silverstein) I swear you could taste the chicken and tomatoes And the noodles and the marrowbone But it really wasn't nothing but some water and potatoes And the wonderful, wonderful soupstone Hanging from a string in my mama's kitchen, back in the hard time days Was a little ol' stone 'bout the size of an apple, it was smooth and worn and grey There wasn't much food in my mama's kitchen, so whenever things got tight Mama boiled up some water, put in the stone and said "Let's have some soup tonight" And I swear you could taste … It had been in the family for a whole lotta years, so we knew it was a nourishing thing And I remember mama, as she stirred it in the water, and we could all hear her sing "Its a magical stone and as long as we got it, we'll never have a hungry night Just add a little love to the wonderful soupstone and everything will be alright" And I swear you could taste … So it carried us all through the darkening days, 'til finally the sunshine came And the soupstone started into gathering dust, but it hung there just the same And ever since then the food's been plenty, but every now and then I find That mama in the kitchen with the wonderful soupstone, drifts across my mind And again I can taste … / And again I can taste …  (c)1972 Tro-Essex Music Ltd.
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